Alpha launch date

Alpha launch date

The official Go-Live date will be Friday, January 10th at 9am EST.
Since we are launching very late this Madden, the format will be a little bit different.

Format: Stock League, BUT we will SIM the first 10 years so all teams will be mostly random.
Bonus: Each team will get 2 X-Factor Upgrades, and 1 Superstar Upgrade to apply as they wish.
Advances: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8am EST unless all games get played early.
Skill Lvl: All Pro, we don’t need CPU boosts, and we want the ratings to matter
: 8 Minutes, with 20 second Accel
Playbooks: Custom allowed
Sliders: Default, But injury lowered to 35.

As usual, I will randomize the list of owners 5 times, and make sure I’m not in the top 10. If I am in the top 10, I will randomize again, and repeat until I am not in the top 10 team selections. We won’t be doing a blind draft as the 10 year SIM makes it so we won’t know which teams will be good, and which will be bad.

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