Leagues Removed Notice:

Represent:  Simply put, the commissioner of this league did not actually act as a commissioner.  He refused to advance the league in a timely fashion, didn't communicate with his owners, and refused to handle complaints.  DarkAugust has not been banned from the MSL, but he will not be allowed to act as a commissioner as I have zero faith in his ability to give our owners the experience we expect.

Iron Madden:  This commissioner repeatedly acted in an unacceptabel fashion.  On numerous occasions he quit games in other leagues.  He also quit games while playing in his own league, and then kicked his opponent out of the league, followed by a CPU win.  Studley had the 2nd most complaints out of all commissioners, and while this league is full of talented owners, the league ran its best when Studley abandoned the league and guys like BillDozer, Gr8, and others stepped up to run it.  Last year after being removed from some leagues, and not invited to others, Studley lashed out, smearing players & leagues in his GroupMe Chat, and we agreed that last Madden would be his last under the MSL banner.  He was still surprised when I banned him, which is unfortunate.


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